Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Alyssa Herr named Natural and Cultural Resources Employee of the Year

Last week, Barbara Samora presented Alyssa Herr with the 2009 NCR Employee of the Year Award.

Alyssa was assigned the task of addressing wildlife food conditioning and habituation issues, in addition to her normal duties working on the spotted owl field monitoring crew. She was the field lead for the informational campaign to reduce feeding of wildlife throughout the park. She organized a huge volunteer effort to address wildlife feeding and habituation by recruiting volunteers and providing a hands on training session before sending them out into the field to patrol problem areas and educate visitors. Alyssa took the initiative to contact the local newspaper whose published article on the event aided in recruiting volunteers. She also took the initiative to develop a logo and had an unsolicited but interested donor provide t-shirts with the wildlife logo to provide to volunteers participating in the event.

Alyssa conducted patrols of campgrounds, employee quarters and outdoor concession facilities to address problems with improper food storage and educate employees and visitors on wildlife issues.

Alyssa also assisted the Ranger division staff in developing another wildlife campaign that focused on wildlife roadkill events as well as wildlife feeding. She worked closely with park Rangers and Interpreters to address these issues.

In addition, Alyssa assisted the Wildlife Ecologist by serving as field lead for spotted owl and other field wildlife projects in the absence of the lead bio tech.

Alyssa is enthusiastic, energetic and has taken incredible initiative in developing a program that educates both visitors and employees on the effects of wildlife food conditioning and habituation. She is well respected by her co-workers in all divisions. She is most deserving of the 2009 Natural and Cultural Resources Division annual award.

Please join with me in congratulating Alyssa for a job well.

Roger J. Andrascik
Acting Deputy Superintendent
Mount Rainier National Park

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