Saturday, September 5, 2009

Rain can't stop the Federal Way United Methodist Church

A dozen members of the Federal Way United Methodist Church are here volunteering in the rain this weekend, camping in the Longmire Campground and continuing the work of cleaning up campsites for use by volunteers. "It looks as good as Ohanapecosh now!" enthused Jean Millan, the Longmire Campground host. The volunteers themselves were having a good time, too, raking up fallen branches and scattering them in the forest. "We should be thanking you," said one of the group leaders when I expressed my appreciation. "This is a great opportunity to camp out and give back."

Youth and adults from the church volunteered this morning and will do so again tomorrow, with time out for hiking at Longmire and Paradise. Above are some photos of their work. Click here for the full album.

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