Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Earn a cool Keep Wildlife Wild t-shirt!

Remember that this coming weekend will be Mount Rainier National Park's first annual Keep Wildlife Wild weekend! It's forecast to be a very hot weekend, so what better place to be than at 5,000 feet elevation in a gorgeous national park, in a cool t-shirt, helping to educate people about the importance of not feeding wildlife?

Here's a copy of the new t-shirt design. Thanks to Alyssa Herr, Wildlife Biologist, and her mother, who designed the shirt! All participants will receive a copy of the shirt at no cost, along with free entrance into the park and pizza after the event.

If you missed the announcement of the program, you can still get all of the details here; RSVP here; and read about it in The News Tribune here:

"We have such a big issue and it's becoming worse and worse," Herr said. "In the past, the park hasn't given it a lot of energy.... The problem is too big of an issue right now... not to do something about it."

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