Thursday, July 30, 2009

Campground Regulations

I just recently managed to (finally) complete a set of rules and regulations concerning the use of the Longmire Campground for the housing of volunteers. As the campground grows more popular, so does chance of confusion regarding some of the ways the campground operates. I hope this sets things straight.

First, a little background. Two year ago, volunteer groups and members from the SCA helped to restore the old Longmire Campground. It had been dilapidated since the late 1960's. Volunteers came and built platform tents in 2007 and shower facilities in 2008. Now the campground is functional again, and is the only campground in the park that has public showers.

Usage Information and Guidelines

  • The Longmire Campground has been given over solely to the use of volunteers for the 2009 Summer/Fall Season.
  • Space in the campground can only be reserved by people who are actively volunteering for the park.
  • Thirty one campsites, nine platform tents and two group sites are available. No camper hookups are available.
  • Reservations for campsites or platform tents must be made through Nicholas Abel ( or Kevin Bacher (
  • You must check in with the Campground Hosts before setting up your campsite. The campground hosts this year are Jean and Harry Millan.

Camping Sites

There are 31 tent sites of various sizes throughout the Longmire Campground. Each site holds at least one two-person tent. Most come equipped with fire-grates or grate bases

Six camping sites have no tables or concrete campfire blocks. All other sites may have either tables or campfire blocks or both. Ask the Campground Host at check-in to determine your campsite comes equipped with.

Platform Tent Sites

The Longmire Campground is equipped with nine platform tents, each holding two people.

These sites are assigned at the discretion of the Campground Hosts, and cannot be reserved ahead of time by individuals. Individuals may ask for platform tents when checking in with the Campground Hosts, but no guarantee of availability is made.

Depending on how crowded the campsite is, you may not get a cot if you have a platform tent.

Group Sites

Two group sites are available, located at the south end of the Campground. Each can hold 5 two-person tents. They share an animal-proof food container. Parking is limited.


Each site contains at least one parking spot. Parking for larger vehicle can be limited. Make sure to note any concerns about parking or vehicle size when requesting a campsite.


Water is available at Comfort Station #1 (L-302) and #3 (L-305), on the as well as from the spigots along the west side of campground, near the platform tents. Water is only available from the spigots on the west side of the campground.

Toilets and Showers

Two working toilet facilities are available in the campground, one of which is ADA. Comfort Station #1 (L-302) is at the north end of the campground, and Comfort Station #3 (L-305) is at the south end of the campground. Comfort Station #2 is out of service.

Comfort Station #3 is equipped with three separate shower/toilet units. Hot water is available. One of the showers is ADA.


Trashcans are provided throughout the campgrounds. Large amounts of trash should be packed out.


Food should be packed away in vehicles or animal-proof lockers at night and when not in use.


Campfires are allowed only in designated fire-pits or concrete platforms (with or without the grates). Fires must remain in their designated areas.

Campfires must be attended at all times and must remain a safe and manageable size. A campfire must be completely extinguished when no longer attended.

Trash, including plastic, metal, and uneaten food is not allowed in campfires.

Any firewood used must be purchased or brought in. No firewood can be collected from anywhere inside the park. Wood is for sale at the National Park Inn in Longmire and outside the park in Ashford.


For the safety of the visitor and their pets, no pets are allowed within the Longmire Campground.

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