Thursday, July 2, 2009

UMC Volunteers help restore Longmire Campground

Here's a report from Jean Millan on a great group that helped us out last weekend. Other groups who'd like to do the same can call us any time!

On June 29th a group of energetic, enthusiastic youth from Gig Harbor United Methodist Church took a break from their camping trip at Mount Rainier to help in the restoration of the Longmire V.I.P. Campground. After a morning of hiking they helped campground host Jean Millan switch out some heavy platform tents and then stored two extra heavy platforms. While two of the youth moved delicate plants out of a pathway, the rest of the group tackled cleaning up debris from a large evergreen that had fallen during a winter storm and had damaged several tent sites. By the time they were done, the transformation was fantastic. We now have access to three more tent sites thanks to the six youth and three adults who made short work of an enormous mess. Their gift of service was greatly appreciated.

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