Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Hi everyone, I'm Nick Abel, and I'm Kevin's new Volunteer Coordinator Intern. I'm new to the volunteering game, or at least to the management (that word sounds so... harsh) side, so I figure the best way to break the ice would be an - Introduction Post!

I'm so excited to be working at Mt. Rainier with Kevin this season. I'm a Washington native, coming down from Sammamish (right up the hill from Issaquah), so I have grow up to love an appreciate the beauty of Mt. Rainier and Washington in general. While not interning for Kevin I usually reside in Moscow, Idaho, where I go to school at the University of Idaho.

Expect to see me posting as often as possible, and I hope to see some of you up at Mt. Rainier in the coming months. Looking forward to a great season full of great volunteerism.


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