Thursday, April 30, 2009

DRAFT Interpretive Training Schedule

Hey volunteers, we've started nailing down the schedule for the Interpretive Training, but let me emphasize that this remains a DRAFT. Each day has a theme of sorts, and I've broken the days into morning (AM) and afternoon (PM).

Tues 6/2 - Day 1: Climate Change

AM: Introduction, Paperwork and Orientation
PM: Speaker - Climate Change

Wed 6/3 - Day 2: Geology
AM: Presentation & Demo
PM: Field Trip

Thur 6/4 - Day 3: Ecology

AM: Presentation
PM: Demo's

Fri 6/5 - Day 4: History & Culture

AM: Presentation & Field Trip
PM: Demo

Sat 6/6 - Day 5: Informal Interp, Living History & Ecology

AM: Technique, Practice & Demo
PM Walk & Presentation

The tenitive plan is for the day to start at 9:00 AM, breaking for an hour lunch at 12:00 PM and ending at 4:00 PM. Remeber, this schedule is only a DRAFT is is subject to change.

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Katney said...

Nick--wlecome to the park--this may be good info but it has some shortcomings. And yes, I know it's draft--which I interpret as subject to change--tweaking--etc.

Back to the old five Ws:
You have given us the what and the when; the why is implied. We need the where and the who. Who is this training meant for? Where is it going to take place?