Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Big Project Funding coming to Mt. Rainier

Cash, money, moolah, bling, whatever you call it, Mt. Rainier has some more coming it’s direction this year, courtesy of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. A little over $3.3 Million dollars is going towards the funding of nine projects including:

  • Improved public access to the Carbon River Area.
  • The replacement of exhibits at Sunrise Visitor Center and improving access from people with disabilities.
  • The repair of storm damaged trails.

This one will involve lots of you - the volunteers. Members from the Washington Conservation Corps, EarthCorps, Northwest Youth Corps, Student Conservation Association, as well as volunteers from the Sierra Club and Washington Trails Association will all be working to help bring these trails back to their former glory.

  • Stabilizing the riverbanks and repairing damaged pavement on the Longmire back road.
  • Replacing the electric power line at Narada Falls overlook.
  • Building an accessible trailhead at the new Henry M. Jackson Memorial Visitor Center.

This is also real cool, the plan is to have our volunteers in the Japan Volunteers-in-Parks Association (J-VIPA) program work on building the trailhead when they come over in August and September.

  • Fixing structural problems in historic buildings.
  • Installing a grid-tied solar system on park buildings.

In keeping with the goal of having Mount Rainier National Park carbon neutral by the 2016 Centennial of the National Park Service, money is going towards the installation of a photovoltaic cells on the Longmire Emergency Operations Center.

And this is just a fractions of the $750 million and nearly 800 projects to be completed on National Parks across the country.

If you like to see a full list of the projects happening at parks across the nation check out http://recovery.doi.gov/nps

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