Friday, December 5, 2008

Updates on Paradise roving needs

Here's an update on the urgent fencing project at Paradise, from Josh Drown at our greenhouse:

I was able to install fencing in all of what I see to be the highest priority areas yesterday afternoon. Even the newly planted areas I considered lower priority however, visitors were walking into to collect snow and look at trees just past the end of my lines. At this point I'm looking at fencing off all the planted areas on all sides of the Visitor Center from the walkways and roads. I ran out of daylight yesterday and would estimate only about an hour of work left for one person. Sounds like those of you interested will be available this afternoon so I will be at Paradise at 1:00 if anyone would like to have any input and discuss options for maintenance and removal. I am willing maintain these fences but would require assistance monitoring as I work down in Tahoma Woods. I will post pictures at the end of the day for those not able to go up.
And also this from Curt Jacquot, the visitor center supervisor at Paradise:
Another Paradise parking lot task is to contact skiers and snowboarders and advise them of where they need to go to avoid damaging vegetation (and related regulations). We also need to ask sliders to take their devices back to their vehicles until the snowplay area is ready to go. VIP's can stop in at the JVC desk for the latest information and/or advice we have.
If you plan to come up to Paradise to rove, I recommend dropping Curt an e-mail or giving the visitor center a call at 360-569-6036 to let them know you're coming, so they know how many people to expect.

The weather report for Paradise: Dry and mostly cloudy today, with chance of rain and snow increasing on Saturday as a cold front passes through. Freezing level Saturday will be 8,500 feet. Showers again on Sunday as an upper level trough moves through. Here's a link to the live webcam (also here, here, and here), where as of this writing it looks like a beautiful day at Paradise.

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