Monday, December 8, 2008

Roving update

As you can see on our Paradise webcam, we have snow at Paradise! Just a few inches at this point, but it does help both with meadow protection and with our hopes for a good snowshoeing and skiing season.

Several of you came up last weekend to help rove the parking areas and trails near the new JVC. THANK YOU! If this snow continues, we may not need the same next weekend. However, remember that winter operations training will be on Friday, and that there are other valuable things to keep rovers busy. Here's the latest from Curt Jacquot:

The [Natural and Cultural Resources] staff roped off the area quite well and there were no problems with the planted beds near the VC this weekend. However, we could still use help educating visitors about the amount of snow needed to allow off trail use without damage to the plants in the meadow. We also might need help removing the poles and ropes soon before they become a safety hazard! The other current issue is educating the public regarding the three foxes who now roam the Paradise parking lot continually looking and often receiving human food.

Remember that the down hill gate at Longmire currently closes in the evening at 5:30 PM. The uphill gate opens once plow operations have ended usually by 9 AM but sometimes later. If you still want to come up let me know when you will be coming. Note that the Paradise VC is only open weekends and Holidays.

Thanks, everyone!
On an unrelated note, check out these awesome photos of lenticular clouds over Mount Rainier, on the KOMO News Blog.

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