Thursday, December 18, 2008

Fundraising efforts support volunteers at Mount Rainier

The News Tribune has a nice article today about the fundraising efforts of Washington's National Park Fund, which, among other projects, is raising money to support volunteer efforts at Mount Rainier. If enough money is raised, donations will help pay for a seasonal volunteer coordinator and campground manager, who will work with the volunteer program manager (me) to plan and implement a strategic plan for our program. We've made significant gains in the wake of the great floods of November 2006, literally doubling the number of people who participate in our program, and greatly expanding our range of volunteer opportunities. We've done this with the invaluable assistance of the Student Conservation Association and its Mount Rainier Recovery Initiative. Now, we hope to make volunteerism a key part of every program in the park.

Here's an excerpt from the article, the full text of which is available on The News Tribune's website:

For Mount Rainier, the fund and park staff have identified six programs and projects valued at more than $230,000. The projects include efforts to connect more children and parents to the park through camping, to help restore Paradise meadows, to do a climate change study and to assist the volunteer program. “Wouldn’t it be fabulous if we could raise $1 million and then fund everything we’ve identified as a priority and more,” said Eleanor Kittleson, the group’s executive director.... Even with the economy in the tank, Kittleson remains confident the fund will be successful because of the approach they have taken. In the past, the message was “help us preserve our parks,” she said. “I’m saying that we’ll be more successful if we can establish a goal and tell a donor exactly where their money is going.”
Donations can be made through The Fund's website.

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