Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Resources for Ride-Shares

One of the most critical issues our volunteers continually raise is the high cost of transportation from Seattle/Tacoma/wherever to Mount Rainier. One solution: share the ride with a fellow volunteer!

I've created a topic in our volunteer discussion group for sharing offers/requests for ride sharing. You'll need to sign up as a member of the discussion group (registration is free). Then simply click on the "RIDE-SHARE" topic and reply with your request or offer. Edit the subject line so that your dates, starting point, and end point are clear at a glance to those looking through the list.

Other good resources: offer to meet your fellow volunteers at a public park-and-ride location. You'll find them all over; here are links to the locations in Pierce, King, and Thurston counties.

Specific ride-share websites exist, including RideShareOnline, eRideShare, and Craigslist. If any of you have experience with these tools, reply and let us know how well they work.

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