Thursday, June 12, 2008

News and volunteer opportunities for meteorologists

From volunteer Greg Carstens:

I got an email from Ted Buehner at the National Weather Service last night that was originally written by Mark Moore, the Director of The Northwest Weather and Avalanche Center, and Mark says that their sensor at the weather tower at Paradise has received 36 inches of snow so far this month. This breaks the old record of 21.50 inches set back in June of 2001 which unlike this year was a low snow season of 476.5 inches. Mark also said the water equivalent percentage is a little over half right now and if you were melt all of the Paradise snow down it would be equivalent to about 95 inches of water.

The snowfall on June 10th at Longmire marks the latest snowfall ever at Longmire according to records listed at the Western Regional Climate Center. The last latest snow before this was on June 6th of 1954 when a half inch fell, so the 3 inches that fell the other morning also breaks the most snow for June record as well. A little side note here as well. I observed snow falling on June 1st of 1999 but that snow amounted to only a trace as it was very wet and usually snow in June anywhere on The Mountain does have a tendency to be wet.

Greg also passed along this information earlier in the week:

Apparently Arthur Gaebel at NWS Seattle is looking for a volunteer COOP weather observer there in Eatonville. The NWS would provide equipment and training for free and all the observer would need I believe is Internet access of some sort.

I passed this on your way because I was thinking you might know someone in Eatonville who might want to help them out. I told Ted Buehner at the NWS Seattle office I would do it if I lived in that area but as luck would have it I am to far away from Eatonville. I am not sure if they have found anyone yet.

Anyway if you know anyone interested in Eatonville. They can contact Arthur Gaebel at the following email. He is the Observing Program Leader for the NWS Seattle area.

Or they may also call him at the NWS Seattle Forecast Office at 206-526-6095 ext. 229.

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