Saturday, March 15, 2008

Parks assess damage after winter storms

This on HeraldNet today, about ongoing flood recovery efforts, including contributions by volunteers, at both Olympic and Mount Rainier National Parks:

"Winter storms have battered the Pacific Northwest's national parks each of the past two years, with damages in the millions of dollars. After last year's massive repairs to Mount Rainier National Park, the latest victim is Olympic National Park, where craggy alpine peaks, forested lowlands and miles of Pacific coast offer visitors the trifecta of a wilderness experience.

"Volunteer crews are making the park the focus of their efforts this year -- though workers at Mount Rainier and North Cascades national parks also are furiously repairing fractures to roads and trails left from winter storms. It all means that visitors to the region's parks once again will have to sidestep some storm damage when planning summer vacations."

Update: See also "Washington's national parks scrambling to repair storm-damaged trails, roads for vacationers" in the March 18 Seattle Times.

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