Friday, January 28, 2000

Spring Trail Opening

Type: Short-term and intermittent individuals and groups
Dates: May to early July
Status: Now recruiting

Quick summary: In Mount Rainier's high elevations, deep snow lingers, in most years, well into July. Long before then, crowds of visitors arrive to hike the trails, and wander across the snow at random, uncertain where the trails are hidden underneath. When they do find a bare patch, it may be yards away from where the trail should be, and the resultant trampling causes major damage to the fragile subalpine meadows. The solution: mark the trail trail routes with wands, ropes, and shoveled steps, and keep these routes updated so that as the snow melts visitors find themselves on the trails where they should be. These are great volunteer opportunities for both groups and individuals.

For more information and to apply: Contact Volunteer Program Manager Kevin Bacher, 360-569-2211 ext. 3385, to arrange a project day for your group; or contact West District Interpreter Lee Snook, 360-569-6043, or East District Interpreter Christine Czazasty, 360-569-6047, to participate as an individual.
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