Friday, January 28, 2000

Backcountry Patrol

Type: Long-term and intermittent individuals
Dates: Year-round
Status: Not currently recruiting, but open to inquiries; may hire interns this summer through the Student Conservation Association if funding permits

Quick summary: Mount Rainier's wilderness backcountry is extensive. A small team of volunteers supplements seasonal park staff to patrol the park's hundreds of miles of trails, assisting visitors, checking backcountry permits, and performing minor trail and campsite maintenance. These additional eyes and ears are especially helpful during the busy summer, and in remote parts of the park like Carbon River.

For more information: While the park is not currently recruiting additional volunteers in this area, inquiries are welcome. Direct them to West District Ranger Daniel Camiccia at 360-569-2211 ext. 3419; East District Ranger Geoff Walker at 360-569-6031; or Carbon River Ranger Jim Hull at 360-829-9639.
Photos of this job

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