Friday, January 28, 2000

Financial Support

Type: Individuals and groups
Dates: Year-round
Status: Now accepting donations

Quick summary: In addition to supporting Mount Rainier through the investment of time and energy, that is, participating in volunteer projects, both individuals and groups can also support the park through financial contributions. Contributions facilitate volunteer projects by providing for supplies, housing, uniforms, and other incidental needs that supplement the donated labor. Over the years, our program has been supported by both individual donors and donations from larger groups. REI, Boeing, and many others have been instrumental in keeping our program running strong.

For further information: Volunteer and Outreach Program Manager Kevin Bacher, 360-569-2211 ext. 3385
To contribute: While contributions can be received directly by the volunteer program, it's easier to give through Mount Rainier's partners, especially Washington's National Park Fund, which has a full list online of projects it supports. A complete list of partners that receive donations on behalf of the park is on Mount Rainier's website.
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