Friday, January 28, 2000

Seed Collection

Type: Intermittent individuals or small groups
Dates: mid to late Summer
Status: Now recruiting interested individuals and groups

Quick summary: All of the plants planted by restoration crews in Mount Rainier National Park were either salvaged from another location in the park or grown from seeds collected near the site of the restoration. Volunteers play an important role in gathering these valuable seeds. Due to the sensitivity of subalpine meadows, groups must be kept small; and because seeds must be collected when they are mature, but before they are scattered by natural processes, volunteers must be flexible in the dates they are available.
For further information or to apply: If you'd like to participate as an individual, contact Restoration Specialist Will Arnesen at 360-569-2211 ext. 3374. If you represent a small group, contact Volunteer Program Manager Kevin Bacher at 360-569-2211 ext. 3385.
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