Sunday, August 14, 2016

Thank You Sunrise Meadow Rovers

A Note for the Sunrise Meadow Rovers from Lynn Kittridge
As my month as the Sunrise Meadow Rover Coordinator concludes and Jodie Hollinger-Lant takes over, I have just two things to say:
First: THANK YOU-- for your time, effort, commitment, positive attitudes, smiles and the thousands of wonderful visitor contacts so far this summer.  I miss you already—but know you are in good hands with Jodie.
Second: your dedication is reflected in the numbers.  In July,  57 volunteers gave 1,242.5 hours of your time and made 23,356 visitor contacts.  Compared to July 2015, the number of volunteers increased 19%, the number of hours increased 40% and the number of contacts increased an amazing 69%!
Besides the mountain itself, you are what makes Sunrise the wonderful place it is!  Keep it up!  I hope to see you on the trails again soon.
Sunrise Meadow Rovers Rock!

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