Saturday, August 20, 2016

Litter Patrol Recruiting Now!

Put yourself in this picture by joining our small  but dedicated task force of litter pickers: the Mount Rainier Volunteers Adopt-a-Highway crew!

A lot of litter has accumulated over the summer as record numbers of visitors have been streaming into the Park. Our team goes out with long-armed grabbers and heavy plastic bags three times each year to patrol the two-mile section of SR 706, a stretch which includes the frontage of the Park's Tahoma Woods administrative facilities as well as the only good view of Mount Rainier along the highway. We want it to keep our "front step" clean for our visitors, so please consider joining us for our next pick-up on September 11. Crew size is limited to 12, so reserve your volunteer opportunity now! Please RSVP by September 6. For more information, contact Crow at

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