Friday, August 19, 2016

Call for help at the State Fair

We still need lots of help, especially on the weekends!

I know, many of you work or volunteer on the weekends but if you are not otherwise tied up, consider helping out.

Check out the following link to see what time slots are available. Time slots highlighted in yellow for the Information Booth are shifts we have the greatest need. I didn't mark the time slots of greatest need for the Snowshoe Track since we need someone for every shift! 

Remember this link is a view only site. You may not sign up at this link.

Informational Booth shifts are:   
Mon, Wed-Fri:  first shift 10:00-1:30, second shift 1:30-5:00, third shift 5:00-8:30.
Sat-Sun:  first shift 9:00-1:00, second shift 1:00-5:00, third shift 5:00-9:00.
Snowshoe Track shifts are:   
Fri-Sun:  first shift Noon-3:00, second shift 3:00-6:00
How to sign up: 
Send me an email ( and include the following things:
1. Which activity you would like to work
2. The date(s)
3. The time shift(s)
4. Your current mailing address (so I can mail instructions, maps, and tickets) 

You may sign up for multiple dates, times, and activities.
Doesn't this look like fun? Last year we talked with nearly 3000 kids and parents at the snowshoe track. Fortunately we didn't put snowshoes on every one of those people. 

Thanks, and we’ll see you at the fair!

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