Saturday, November 7, 2015

Urban Wilderness Works May Have Found A New Home

With much North Cascades National Park burning throughout the summer, the leaders from the Urban Wilderness Works needed to find a place to share their love and passion for the outdoors, and very quickly.  Luckily, Mount Rainier was their next choice, as we were host to a crew of young adults from the greater Seattle area.  While they were here, the group, totaling only seven people, completed an astonishing 504 hours of trails work and educational projects.  That 504 hours translates into over an $11,000 value.  They were only here for two weeks, with nearly half of that time spent on a backpacking trip.  This just goes to show what dedicated and like minded individuals  can accomplish when trying new things.  And, with our fingers crossed, we hope that the people from the Urban Wilderness Works have found a new home at Mount Rainier National Park. 

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