Monday, November 23, 2015

BEHIND THE SCENES: A Look at the Meadow Rover Office at Paradise

In today's volunteer photo submission, we are featuring a picture taken by Ed Hunds.  Throughout the summer, Ed was roving the many miles of trails at Paradise.  Before heading out on the trials in the morning, or after a long day in the subalpine sun, the Meadow Rover office was the place to share stories, warn of problem areas, and to rehydrate.  It wasn't uncommon to see five, six, seven, or even more people around the office on any given summer day.  Thanks to this photo from Ed, we are able to get a little sneak peak into the life of a Meadow Rover. 

Photo by Ed Hunds

Even with the ever increasing snow totals at Paradise, try to remember that not too long ago the trails were clear and the sun was hot.  If you aren't one for that cold stuff, then enjoy this picture, also submitted by Ed, of the packed trails in Paradise.

Photo by Ed Hunds

Do you have any pictures that you took while you were volunteering this year?  How about a cool story of something you did out on the trails?  Do you love knowing that your pictures and stories could be viewed by MILLIONS (maybe a slight exaggeration) of visitors to this blog, every day?!  If so, send them along to Ian at and you may be featured on this blog and our Volunteer Facebook page.
Thank you Ed for your submissions to us!  Keep an eye out in the future for more photos shared by Ed and our many other volunteers!

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