Friday, November 13, 2015

2015 Annual Activity and Expense Report

Department of the Interior
National Park Service
Volunteers In Parks
Annual Activity and Expense Report
Mount Rainier National Park
Report Date: Nov 13, 2015
Fiscal Year: 2015

Volunteer Coordinator and Park Information
Total Volunteers: 1,767
Alpha Code: MORA
VIP Coordinator: Kevin Bacher
VIP Coordinator Phone: 360-569-2211
Coordinator Email:

Volunteer hours by category:
Administration: 129.00
Campground Host: 2,331.00
Cultural Resource Management: 6,694.00
General Management: 0.00
Interpretation: 12,760.00
Maintenance: 16,238.00
Natural Resource Management: 14,061.00
Protection/Operations/Law Enforcement: 8,388.00
Training: 1,966.00

TOTAL: 62,367
SCA Hours after 6/1/2015: 3,171
GRAND TOTAL (comparable to previous years): 65,538

Program costs by category:
Housing: $ 14,081.00
Meals: $ 6,353.00
Recognition/Award: $ 0.00
Supplies: $ 1,819.00
Training: $ 0.00
Transportation: $ 2,924.00
Uniforms: $ 4,131.00

Volunteer Program Highlight
Although the record low snowpack on the mountain this past winter had many negative qualities, the volunteer program saw a boost in volunteer hours in the extended summer season. Partnerships in the park continue to be one of the largest contributors to the volunteer program. In mid-August, the Longmire Stewardship Campground was filled to capacity with 137 people from REI locations across the state engaging in three days of stewardship and education. The trails program hosted an additional 30 individuals from REI on separate occasions. The Washington Trails Association coordinated 100 more volunteers than last year, totaling almost 5,000 hours. Improvements continue in the Longmire Stewardship Campground, while Citizen Science programs, including the Cascades Butterfly Survey, MeadoWatch, and amphibian surveys, continue to be some of the most popular for volunteers. The Meadow Rover program had its most popular year to date, bringing in more volunteers and hours than any year to date. Looking toward the next 100 years of the National Park Service, the volunteer program has engaged youth through the Student Conservation Association’s Community Crews, The Washington Trails Association’s Youth Volunteer Vacations, and the Washington Conservation Corps. In addition to the numbers reported here, six individual SCA interns contributed 3,171 hours of service after June 1, 2015.

How many people at the park require VIP Program Mgmt Training: 20

Optional Information Regarding Housing VIPS and Campground Hosts
Number of Campground Hosts: 11
Number of VIPs housed in Permanent Structures: 41
Number of VIPs housed in Trailers: 10

Trailer Pads for Volunteers: 12

Other Information
Number of SCAs: 35
SCA Hours: 6779
Number of Artists in Parks: 0
Artist in Parks Hours: 0
Number of International VIPs: 4
International VIPS Hours: 240
Number of Volunteer Senior Ranger Corps: 0
Volunteer Senior Ranger Corps Hours: 0
Number of Boy Scouts: 38
Boy Scout Hours: 208
Number of Girl Scouts: 11
Girl Scout Hours: 66

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