Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Starbucks' Weekend at Mount Rainier

The trails crew at Paradise was lucky to have another eager and energetic group coming out to volunteer this past weekend.  Team members from a variety of Starbucks location across the state came out for a weekend of volunteering here at Mount Rainier National Park. 
After a brief round of introductions of everyone in attendance, the crew was led to the front porch of the ranger station at Paradise where they received an overview of the two projects that will be occuring, and given the option of choosing one or the other to start their day with. 

The first project was to work on widening a section of the Avalanche Lily trail back to its original width. A goal of the trails crew is to repave this trail in the near future, and in order to do this, the trail must be cleared of any debris and duff that has grown over the trail since it was last paved over fifty years ago.


The second portion of the project this weekend involved working on creating stone edges for the recently paved portion of the Skyline trail.  Without this work, the newly laid asphault would crumble from the outside, in, and this ever popular trail would not be able to be traveled until repaving occured. 

With thanks to the volunteers of Starbucks, as well as the hundreds of other volunteers that come through Mount Rainier every month, we are able to protect such an awe-inspiring resource that we have right in our backyard.

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