Friday, August 7, 2015

N2P Road Construction to Cease in August and September

Construction on the Nisqually to Paradise Road will cease on August 6, 2015 and will not begin again until October 1, 2015. Visitors can enjoy Mount Rainier National Park as normal throughout August and September.

It is still important to remember to drive safely when traveling along the park’s roads. The roads are narrow and winding. Roads throughout the park can be rough and uneven.

Construction along the road from Nisqually Entrance to Paradise began in May. Delays of up to 15 minutes at each stop and no more than 30 minutes total through the project can be expected when the construction begins again in October.

The road construction project is needed to address deteriorating road conditions that are due to many factors including abundant precipitation, structural and design deficiencies, large traffic volumes, and normal wear. These improvements will preserve the road’s integrity as a popular scenic drive, and provide continued safe access for years to come.

Additional information on this important project is available on Mount Rainier National Park’s website: Also, follow MountRainierNPS on Twitter for updates on road construction status.

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