Sunday, August 2, 2015

Remembering Judy Scavone

Photo courtesy of Nisqually Land Trust
Judy Scavone, fee collector at the Nisqually Entrance Station booth and volunteer at JVC, died peacefully at home in Ashford on Tuesday, July 28. She was surrounded by love and cherished friends and family. Lucid to near the end, she wanted to pass on “thank you” to her many friends, volunteers and family.

Judy played a huge role in many peoples lives, especially through her interests in outdoor recreation and conservation. Involved not only with Mount Rainier National Park, she  worked fervently with the Mount Tahoma Trails association and served on the board of the Nisqually Land Trust as well.

A get-together honoring Judy is planned for next Saturday, August 8th, 7 P.M at Whittakers in Ashford.  There will be no formal program. It will be a pot-luck event hosted by MTTA. Park employees and volunteers will gather with others to remember Judy and share stories with each other.

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