Wednesday, April 2, 2014

MVP - Monthly Volunteer Profile

Who are our volunteers? There are a lot of names you'd recognize immediately, but what about the hundreds of other folks who are giving their time and energy to make the Park a great place to visit? Some of them only put in a few hours each year. Others may never be in the public eye, working instead at a desk, in the bowels of a workshop or out in the field. Wouldn't you like to meet them? Well, you'll have the opportunity soon!

Jean Millan, former campground host at Longmire, will be digging into the files to find people with stories to share: stories about visitor contacts, backcountry adventures or simply why an individual chose to be a volunteer. She will be interviewing people who work in a variety of positions, bringing to light many of the behind-the-scene jobs which help keep the Park operating smoothly and efficiently.

If Jean contacts you and you are willing to participate, YOU may be featured in our new Monthly Volunteer Profile!

If you have any questions or concerns, you may direct them to Kevin_Bacher(at)nps(dot)gov or to Crow, Petrina_Vecchio(at)partner(dot)nps(dot)gov

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