Saturday, April 26, 2014

Adopt-a-Highway Volunteers Pick It Up!

A record crew of litter pickers showed up at Tahoma Woods at 10 AM this morning to patrol the two-mile stretch of SR706 between mileposts 2 and 4, a strip which includes the Park's Tahoma Woods frontage. In partnership with the Washington State Dept. of Transportation, Mount Rainier's fabulous volunteers contract to make three litter pickups each year, a detail which generally lasts two to three hours on each date. Quite a few of today's crew were new volunteers, eager to involve themselves in a project which benefits the community as well as the Park. The team of 13 brought in a total of 10 bags of litter. Former campground host Jean Millan provided a variety of munchie packs to each participant. Future patrols will be held in June and September.

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