Wednesday, April 30, 2014

MRNPA Work Party - May 17

The second Mount Rainier National Park Associates trails work party for 2014 will be held on Saturday, May 17th. That's a little over two weeks away. Trail crew leaders are still evaluating potential projects and will provide details in about a week. Keep watching this blog for updates!

The crew will meet at about 8:30 AM (location to be determined) and should be ready to move out by 9:00 AM.  When you enter Mount Rainier National Park, tell the attendant at the gate that you will be working on a volunteer project. Volunteers enter the park for free.

Be prepared to hike to the work site. Bring a lunch and plenty of fluids to drink, work gloves and safety glasses, and a full set of rain gear. During May, it is common to have rain or wet snow falling at Mount Rainier, so bring warm clothing as well.

If you plan to attend this work party, please reply to John Titland at volunteer(at) indicating that you are coming and tell him how many volunteers you expect to accompany you so that he can be sure there are enough tools to go around.

PLEASE NOTE: There are safety equipment requirements for all MRNPA trail work volunteers. (These rules apply to all trail workers.)  Anyone using an aggressive tool like a Pulaski, ax, shovel, etc., or anyone working near them is required to wear a hard hat and safety glasses. People working with or near less aggressive tools are not required to wear a hard hat, although it is encouraged.  If you own a hard hat that you can wear, please bring it.  If you do not have a hard hat, MRNPA and the NPS have hard hats to loan for the day.

Wearing safety glasses is encouraged at all times. Not all safety glasses are comfortable for everyone and some will not fit over eyeglasses. For health and safety reasons, please supply your own safety glasses for your personal use. A serviceable pair of new safety glasses will cost about $10 and may be found at hardware stores. Be advised that shatterproof eyeglasses do not meet the requirement for safety glasses.  Safety glasses have side protection which eyeglasses lack.

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