Thursday, January 9, 2014

MeadoWatch Times

Anna Wilson has just posted a summary of MeadoWatch activities on the MeadoWatch Blog. She says, "The first year of MeadoWatch was an enormous success - all because of YOU! We are so glad you could join us in our inaugural year and we couldn’t be happier about your enthusiasm for wildflower phenology and collecting data! The extensive data you helped us collect is enormously valuable for science and the management of the park’s natural resources." To learn more about how this program helps us to understand climate change, be sure to read the "MeadoWatch Times," a .pdf file linked at the bottom of the blog page.

A few statistics shared by Anna:
48 Volunteers
78 Survey Days
429 Miles Hiked
468 Trail Hours
17,472 Data Points

Thank you, Citizen Scientists, for all your help!

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