Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Ben Monroe, Snow Rover Coordinator

Last week, we introduced the winter Snow Rover volunteer program. Today, meet one of the individuals who's helping to make it happen. Ben Monroe is a student at The Evergreen State College who's serving in a 12-week internship at Mount Rainier for college credit. Part of his duties include corresponding with and coordinating the volunteers who patrol around the parking lots and snow play area at Paradise. When Snow Rovers check in, he's the one who tells them where they'll be most helpful. When new Rovers arrive, he's the one who orients them and provides training. When all of our Rovers are huddled at home around their television sets watching the Seahawks, he's the one who fills in out on the trail, talking to visitors and making sure they have good information for visiting Mount Rainier safely and enjoyably.

In fact, a lot of Ben's duties involve getting out in the snow. In addition to coordinating volunteers, Ben, along with another Evergreen volunteer, Matt Sommerville, spend a lot of their day collecting weather data, resetting snow poles, marking and breaking trail, organizing supplies, and otherwise keeping our winter operations running behind the scenes.

Ben spends weekend afternoons staffing the information desk at the Jackson Visitor Center at Paradise, so if you're up on the Mountain enjoying all of our new snow, stop in and say hi. Ask how you can help as a Snow Rover or, in the summer, a Meadow Rover, and thank him for his work helping to make it happen!

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