Friday, January 24, 2014

Internship positions NOW OPEN at Mount Rainier!

A wide range of internships are now
awaiting your application!
Every year, Mount Rainier National Park hires several interns for spring and summer positions ranging from wilderness patrol to interpretation to research and volunteer program management. These positions offer excellent opportunities for young people to get a foot in the door with the National Park Service (or other conservation agencies). Many of our job announcements for the summer have gone "live" just in the last week, so now is the time to apply! Here's what's currently posted:

Student Conservation Association (SCA)
Mount Rainier has worked with SCA almost as long as the organization has existed. In addition to Community Crews recruited from high schools in Seattle and Joint Base Lewis-McChord, we typically hire about half a dozen individuals to serve in positions lasting anywhere from 12 to 16 weeks. The following four positions are currently listed on SCA's website, and more may be posted later:
 Geologic Society of America (GSA)
"Geoscientists in Parks" have worked at Mount Rainier for years, and a few have gone on to seasonal and permanent positions in the National Park Service. "GIPs" may work in the field of interpretation and education, educating the public about geology, or may serve with our natural resources program, conducting research. Positions are open to geology students at the university level, and are due February 18, 2014. Visit GSA's website for details about the program, to apply, and to find out about these positions:
All positions are subject to change depending on available funding.

Washington Conservation Corps (WCC)
Mount Rainier typically works with at least one crew from WCC each summer to help with trail maintenance projects. Other crews serve at other national parks and forests throughout Washington state, so this is a great option for young men and women age 18 to 25 who want to get outdoors and get hands-on experience in the field. Visit WCC's website for more information.
Youth Conservation Corps (YCC)
YCC is a program that hires high school students from communities around national parks for 8-10 week summer positions. Mount Rainier typically hires about half a dozen such students in March or April, for positions starting in late June or early July. For more information, visit YCC's website or contact our human resources office at 360-569-6522.

University programs
Additional internships may be available through universities. We've hired students from The Evergreen State College, Western Washington University, the University of Washington, and Oregon State University just in the last few years. The details vary, but usually involve an agreement between the university and the national park to provide college credit in return for service and on-the-job training. In other cases, graduate students arrange to do research that benefits both their own studies and the resource management needs of the park. Talk to your college adviser, or the supervisor of the program you're interested in here at Mount Rainier National Park, about the possibilities.

Whatever you're interested in, get started now... and good luck!

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