Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Ian Davies, Eagle Scout and Volunteer

As a preface to the upcoming season, the Volunteer Blog will be featuring a number of projects from last year over the next few weeks. These hard-working folks deserve a big “thank you” from all of us!

In the summer of 2011, a young man named Ian Davies took on an ambitious project of leadership and labor, organizing a group of volunteers to replace the dilapidated, deteriorating foot/horse bridge spanning the Crater Creek drainage. With a dozen team members under his command and trail crew professionals assisting with the project, a replacement was constructed in a mere four days. The sturdy new structure was built in accordance with the original Civilian Conservation Corps design, preserving its integrity as a historical landmark while using available native materials.

That said, Mr. Davies’ work was not simply one of physical labor. As part of an Eagle Scout project, he and his team also solicited the funds for the project from friends and local businesses, involving the community and making citizens more aware of the intrinsic values the Park represents.

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A K Mimi Allin said...

Ah they built more than one bridge. I met the Davies at Mowich quite by accident. They took me in and fed me for a couple of nights and I got to see the bridge come to completion. It's a beautiful bridge!! Thank you from all the hikers to come.