Monday, January 9, 2012

Volunteer Q&A for Memorial Service

I received an e-mail this morning asking for specific information on uniforms and other logistics as they apply to volunteers. It's timely and relevant, so I'll post the questions and responses for everyone here:

  • Q: Should we wear our green volunteer cap?
    A: Yes. If the uniform you wear while volunteering includes a hat with a volunteer patch on it, please wear it.
  • Q: If a volunteer does not have a long sleeve shirt, can he/she wear a short sleeve shirt?
    A: Yes. If you have both, please wear long sleeves. If you only have a summer (short sleeve) uniform shirt, it's fine to wear that.
  • Q: Can we wear some layer like dark turtle neck shirt under the volunteer shirt? With short sleeve volunteer shirt?
    A: Yes. Dark layers that match the uniform shirt may be worn underneath either the long-sleeve or short-sleeve shirt for warmth.
  • Q: Can we wear fleece/softshell jackets with sewed-on volunteer patch that we wear during cool weather? If yes, does the color of the jacket matter?
    A: It will probably be too warm in the auditorium for fleece or jackets, and uniformed paid employees will not be wearing outerwear. Jackets of any color should only be worn if you do not own a long-sleeved volunteer shirt, your jacket is lightweight and appropriate for an indoor setting, and you feel that it looks nicer than the alternative. Use your own judgment.
  • Q: How about footwear? Dressy street shoes or field boots (clean)?
    A: Dressy street shoes are preferable if you have them available. Clean field boots are appropriate only if you do not own dress shoes and your field boots look nicer than the alternative.
  • Q: Who are considered current MORA volunteers?
    A: Our volunteers range from current, full-time, and long-term to those who came up for a single visit several years ago as part of a larger group. All are part of our extended "family," and everyone's contribution is deeply appreciated, however small, but lines do need to be drawn due to limited space. If you're a current, recurring volunteer (i.e. you've participated several times in the past year), you're welcome to join us. If not, we'd appreciate it if you'd defer to others. A good guideline is this: if you can promptly name your supervisor at the park, and if they would readily recognize you on sight, you should consider yourself invited.
  • Q: Is the 12:00 pm briefing for Mount Rainier National Park employees and their immediate families for current paid employees only?
    A: The briefing includes everyone who will be seated in the Mount Rainier employees section in the first tier of seats in the auditorium. This includes both paid employees and active volunteers, as well as their families.
Thanks for the questions, and if you have others, feel free to give me a call or drop me a note. I'll be in my office at 360-569-6567 until approximately 4:30 this afternoon.

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