Sunday, January 8, 2012

Briefing, reception, and parking for Mount Rainier employees

This update for "Current Mount Rainier Employees" is on the Mount Rainier Employee blog:

Prior to Margaret's memorial service there will be a special briefing for Mount Rainier National Park employees and their immediate families at 12 noon. This briefing is for current employees only. The 12 noon briefing will take place at the Memorial Gym (close to the Olson Auditorium where the service will take place). The doors to that facility should be open by 11:00am.
Following the memorial service all National Park Service employees, past MORA seasonals, and current MORA volunteers are invited to a reception in the Norwegian Heritage Center.
I realize that first paragraph is a bit ambiguous with respect to volunteers. I'll try to get some clarification tomorrow. Also:
We are highly encouraging everyone to carpool to the memorial service on Tuesday. Parking is going to be tight. Mount Rainier National Park employees are to park in the Ivy parking lot at PLU.
A campus map can be found here online or here in PDF format. The Ivy lot is bottom center in both maps, just east of the track and tennis courts.

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