Thursday, April 17, 2008

We won!

Great news, everyone! I got a call this afternoon from Joy Pietschmann, the Servicewide Volunteer Coordinator for the National Park Service. She informed us that our volunteer program here at Mount Rainier has won one the Service's highest awards: the George B. Hartzog Jr. Award for Outstanding Volunteer Service!

Every year, one volunteer individual, one group, and one program are selected nationwide. This year's individual award winner is Dr. Jennifer Dow, who has worked with many of the Alaska parks to provide and develop partnerships to provide medical training and rescue services. This year's volunteer group is the Flight 93 Volunteer Ambassadors. Our program won for our outstanding success in working with volunteers following the flood of November 2006.

In other words, you--you!--are the reason for this award, all 1,724 of you! I am as proud as I can be. I'll keep you posted as I get more details.

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