Monday, April 21, 2008

Volunteers on the Mall

It's Monday morning and I'm preparing for the Cooperative Conservation Award ceremony. My wife and I came out to D.C. a few days early to see some of the sights on the Mall. The weather was wet, wet, wet, wet, wet!

That made for some dramatic photographs and smaller crowds. We saw lots of volunteers in action on the Mall. Here are a few of them.

These guys were in line to go up in the Washington Monument. When the park ranger started to clean up a mess around the trash can, they ran over to help. Spontaneous volunteerism!

Volunteers provide information from kiosks around the Mall. I like the reflection of the Washington Monument in this photo. Unfortunately, I didn't think to write down the volunteer's name.

At the Vietnam War Memorial, several volunteers were working to assist visitors. Here, volunteer Donald Adam helps a visitor make a rubbing from a name on the wall.

Along with assisting visitors, volunteer Leroy Lawson takes pictures that are used by the National Park Service in exhibits and publications.

Ron Worstell is another Kiosk information volunteer.

These aren't park service volunteers, but I had to add a picture of the large crowds of young people who turned out in the rain to hear speakers talk about the importance of environmental action on the eve of Earth Day. That's Edward Norton speaking on the stage and monitor.

One more thing to share: This from Superintendent Dave Uberuaga this morning:

As I am getting ready to attend the Departmental Award ceremony I was reflecting on our last year together. I just want you to know how much I appreciate your involvement at Mount Rainier. You worked hard to help all our members, friends, partners and volunteers come together for a incredible response to the floods and more. The recognition today is about your partnership-I salute you and stand proud to represent you on the stage today. I wish we could all be here today.


sent from Dave's BlackBerry

Well said, and my sentiments exactly!

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