Saturday, May 7, 2016

A New Tool for Projecting Snow Melt Forecasts at Mount Rainier

Ian Breckheimer, a PhD Candidate at the University of Washington in Seattle has developed a system for making what he calls "quick and dirty" forecasts of when seasonal snowpack is probably going to melt in different parts of the park. All of the projections are statistical estimates based on historical SNOTEL data gathered from within the park. 

The link to the forecast site is here:

You can also read a bit more about the process and development here:

This will be updated every two weeks, so as we get closer to the meltout of some areas, especially the subalpine zone at Paradise, the information and forecasts will become more accurate.  Please keep in mind that this is still a tool that is being developed, so you may experience some glitches from time to time until everything is perfected.

Thanks for sharing, Ian!

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