Friday, January 22, 2016

A Personal Challenge to All Coming to the Mountain...Do You Accept?

I am looking to finish a project that has been talked about for a few years at Mount Rainier, but I need YOUR help to complete it!  Over the next month or so, I am hoping to collect pictures of some of the winter routes around Longmire and Paradise to create an information sheet for Rovers, Nordic Patrol, General Rangers, and Interpretive Staff to use. 

NPS Photo / VIP Ed Hunds
Although I would absolutely love to hike each and every trail in perfect weather conditions and do no other work whatsoever, I can only manage to pull that off a handful of times before I am questioned.  So, with your help, I am hoping to have pictures of:
  • Trailheads
  • Markers
  • Identifying features of a route
  • Areas that may be a little tricky to navigate around
  • Dangerous sections of trail
  • Avalanche zones
  • Places people get lost
  • Amazing view points and features of that route
  • Any other information you can give me
Please keep in mind that the winter routes at Mount Rainier are very dynamic, in that they are always changing and shifting.  When you are taking your pictures, please focus on the solid surroundings, not just the path in the snow, as that will more than likely be gone with the next snowfall.

Also, while you are out snapping your pictures, make sure that you are being 100% safe.  Don't try to get a good picture of an avalanche chute...while standing in an avalanche chute. 

Some points of focus would be:
  • Nisqually Vista Loop
  • Narada Falls to Paradise
  • Inspiration Saddle to Reflection Lakes
  • Rampart Ridge Trail
  • Route to Glacier Vista
  • Myrtle Falls Trail
  • Safe travel in Edith Creek Basin
After we finish up these seven points of interest, we can absolutely branch out to other areas, but I am targeting these as the most traveled and with the highest need.

These photos can be taken while you are out here for a Rove, on patrol with the Washington Ski Touring Club, or while you are out hiking on your own.  If you are out hiking on your own and you take a series of pictures, let me know how much time you were spending actually volunteering, and your hours will still count!

NPS Photo / Harvey
This information packet will be entirely volunteer created and you can consider it a part of your ever growing legacy at Mount Rainier.

Send all pictures to Ian at as soon as you can, and he will start to piece the publication together!  Questions?  Comments?  Political outbursts?  Send them all to Ian as well!

Thank you for your help in this project! 

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