Sunday, October 18, 2015

Only the Brightest and Best!

Only the brightest and best of our volunteers turn out for litter patrols in the rain! Susan Lyon, Joan Hays, Jim Smith, Jean Millan, Ian Harvey and Marc Blackburn joined Crow Vecchio for the last Adopt-a-Highway work party of the year, and there's no denying the crew's brightness. Under light showers, we collected 16 bags of trash along the two mile stretch of SR706 from MP 2 to MP 4. This event marks the third full year that Mount Rainier's volunteers have worked to keep this section of highway litter-free. Our next pickup will be in April and is usually the most major cleanup effort of the year. If you'd like to join us, drop Crow a note at to be put on the mailing list for this community service project.

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