Monday, October 26, 2015

Just How Busy Were the RAVENs this Summer?

The short answer: very.

The longer answer, in sentence form, with pictures:

This summer, the RAVEN program was off to a very quick start and continued throughout the duration of the summer.  The numbers are in, and the RAVENs were essentially in constant motion from June to September.  Collectively, Les and Gary interacted with over 2,500 visitors, and turned what could have been a vacation ruining experience to a painless and positive time, allowing the guests to continue on their adventures around Mount Rainier.

Together these two assisted with 31 dead batteries, 32 locked doors, and 17 cases of low or flat tires.  Sure, these are important to help get people back on the road, but in addition to the vehicle assistance, the RAVENs also assisted with 7 Search and Rescue efforts, drove the Park's ambulance multiple times, and even provided life giving CPR to a visitor suffering from a heart attack. 

These are just a few examples of the extremely valuable service Les and Gary provided while volunteering at Paradise all summer as RAVENs.  Yes, we can look at numbers and hard facts to see how important these two were all summer, but just ask any of the 2,500 visitors they interacted with, and you will hear it firsthand from them how Les and Gary turned their potentially horrible day into a great one.

We just cannot say it enough.

Thank you for a great summer, RAVENs!

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