Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Star Party

Late one night last week, it appeared that the stars had aligned, and hundreds of lucky visitors were treated to a view of the heavens above with all of our volunteer astronomers on hand to share their knowledge of the night sky. 
Over 300 night owls arrived at the Jackson Visitor’s Center in Paradise just after sunset to be greeted by Ranger Curt Jacquot as he introduced all of the astronomers.  From there, there was a brief introduction to the night sky to the entire group, followed by all of the Astro-Volunteers manning their telescopes, each showing different features above as the evening progressed.  We were all very fortunate for a perfectly clear sky well into the night.  For many people in attendance, this was their first clear view of a night sky, and what better backdrop for the event than Mount Rainier?
Weather permitting, every evening from now until Labor Day, there will be an Astro-Volunteer outside the JVC starting at 9:45pm and staying until at least 11:45pm, but often going deeper into the night.  All astronomy events in the park are free to the public.  For updates on sky viewing or to check for any cancellations, please call (360) 569 – 6230. 

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