Thursday, June 25, 2015

Fires limited in the Longmire Volunteer Campground

The fire ring north of Site 13, built by volunteers last fall,
will be further improved as a community fire ring.

If you've been up to the Longmire Volunteer Campground recently, you've noticed that fire grates and concrete fire pads have been removed throughout the campground. This is a decision by park management intended to reduce smoke and improve air quality. Campground regulations are being updated to reflect the new policy, which involves the following points:
  • Fires are permitted only in established fire grates and fire rings.
  • Self-contained cook stoves are permitted.
  • Building new fire rings is not permitted.
Campground users will find a working fire grate in site number 6, and a second fire grate will be installed soon by park maintenance. A group fire grate will also be installed in site 13. These will be the only sites with facilities for campfires.

Site 6 has also been improved for wheelchair accessibility. It may be reserved like any other site in the campground, but with the caveat that those without mobility challenges need to defer to those who need the accessibility the site provides.

A community fire ring has been built and is already in use near site 13, and will be further improved soon by park maintenance with bench seating around it. This fire ring will be shared by everyone in the campground. Another fire ring is being built near the Community Building and will be used by both campers and residents. Campers are encouraged to gather at these sites and get to know their fellow campers.

For cooking food, volunteers should plan to bring self-contained camp stoves instead of firewood.

The revised campground regulations will be posted here as soon as they are updated.

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Anonymous said...

I hope the same program will be instituted at Cougar Rock where, during the season, the air quality often seems worse than downtown Beijing.