Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Photos from National Public Lands Day

Now that the busy summer volunteer season is over, we'll be posting a series on this blog featuring photos from the summer's activities. Our first in this series is from one of our most recent events: National Public Lands Day, at the end of September. Volunteers worked on projects all over the park for this annual event: taking down platform tents and doing some landscaping at Longmire, preparing trails for the winter season at Paradise, building bridges and water bars on the Wonderland Trail below Narada Falls, and planting native plants at Sunrise. Here are a few sample photos. More can be seen the park's Flickr page.

Taking down platform tents in the Longmire
Stewardship Campground

Volunteers head out to work on trails at Paradise

Washington Trails Association volunteers hard at
work on the Wonderland Trail

Revegetating the old Sunrise Campground on a
beautiful September day

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