Saturday, June 14, 2014

Phenology Photo Op!

Visitors love coming to the park to view our wildflowers, but I need your help to update what's blooming where.

As you're out working in the park this summer, please let me know what flowers you see blooming, whether that is in a meadow, on a trail, or alongside a park road. I'm also looking for photos of currently blooming wildflowers - your photo may be featured on the park website and social media sites!

Wildflower updates are posted weekly on the park website at and on facebook at

So what to email me:

  • Name of wildflower (or a photo if you don't know the ID)
  • Location of wildflower in the park (Ex. Longmire Campground, Silver Falls trail, Grand Park, Sunrise Road, etc)
That's it! Thanks for the help!

Contact Kristyn Loving via kristyn_loving(at)

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