Monday, September 9, 2013

And the Winner is..........

With our Meadow Rover season winding down, it is time to choose our outstanding rovers of the year.  In my book, you are all outstanding and have made my summer marvelously easy.  Anyone can nominate an individual – either themselves or someone else. The criterion for judging is based on the hours of service, quality of service, mentorship, and innovation of service (how you spread the message). 

Rovers of the year will be selected by the rover coordinator and supervisors.  Winners can share lunch with a park administrator or hike with a park scientist!  Deadline for submitting a nomination is September 22, 2013.  The awards will be announced by October 15, 2013.  No form is necessary, just submit a description of how the nominee fulfilled the criteria for the award. 

Submissions may be sent by mail to Maureen McLean, Mount Rainier National Park, 55210 238th Ave E, Ashford, WA 98304 or by e-mail to  or 

Roving continues through the month of September.  Without the Visitor Center opened, Sunrise needs a park presence and that is in the form of the Meadow Rovers.  Reserve your radios with me at the above to e-mail addresses.  Radios are located at the White River WIC.  Paradise continues to be heavily visited by groups both large and small.  Rovers can help preserve the resource.

Thanks again for every hour you have give your National Park.  Come make one last visit to the Mountain before the snow changes it once again and send me those nominations for outstanding Meadow Rover.

Maureen McLean
Coordinator MORA Meadow Rovers

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