Tuesday, September 17, 2013

10,000 and growing…

Was the number of plants planted this past Saturday Sept 7th with the help of members of the Mount Rainier National Parks Associates (MRNPA). This year Mount Rainier National Parks’ Revegetation Crew  received help from 25 volunteers. In addition to the volunteers from MRNPA, Boy Scout Troop 573 also contributed time and energy to the revitalization of an old campground in Sunrise.
It was a beautiful day for the event in the Sunrise area. As the project continues Mount Rainier National Park will be forever grateful for the help it receives from its volunteers. In the future there will be always an opportunity for those who want to contribute to the preservation of the park and give back to the mountain that has touched so many.

Park Service Employee giving direction on planting process
Boy Scouts helping with clean up

Nice Artwork

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