Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Update on Sunrise Meadow Roving

The Sunrise Visitor Center will remain open through Labor Day. You are more than welcome to continue roving at Sunrise until the road closes in approximately one month. Radios will be located at the White River WIC (Wilderness Information Center) located just inside the White River entrance. Radio reservations should continue to be made through MORA_Meadow_Rovers@nps.gov. Please put "radio request" in the subject heading.

The annual Sunrise volunteer/staff picnic was a success with approximately 20 Meadow Rovers [in addition to other volunteers] attending in the cool, overcast weather. Thank you to the National Park Service staff including Randy King, Kevin Bacher, and Maureen McLean for attending and to Discover Northwest for enabling us to have hamburgers, hot dogs, and veggie burgers provided. It was a great way for the rovers to have a chance to talk to our NPS staff and socialize. We are a team!

It has been a great summer at Sunrise with many days of constant sunshine and blue skies until recently when we have experienced foggy days. I want to thank the 57 Meadow Rovers who came to Sunrise this season and gave of their time and energy to help the park service protect the resources and serve the public. You are a dedicated, knowledgeable group who made my job as volunteer coordinator incredibly enjoyable and easy. Our conversations were one of the highlights of my day. Everyone who helped with injured hikers, bear patrol, meadow stompers, turned-around hikers, and hikers with dogs know who you are and also please know neither the park service nor I could have done it without each one of you.

There must be a special thank you to Lynn Kittridge who was my replacement for three weekends. She was definitely the Sunrise co-coordinator this year and did a great job both as the volunteer coordinator and helping to control the visitors as well as the bears when their paths intersected.

In closing, to my many new Sunrise meadow roving friends, I can’t wait to see you next year at our June MR training and happy trails!

Jodie Hollinger-Lant
2013 Sunrise Volunteer Coordinator

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