Thursday, August 1, 2013

Eye on the Sky

Where is the summer going?  The Mountain continues its ever changing scenery as the early flowers give way to the mid-summer ones.  The meadows are becoming more and more luxurious.   Snow is leaving the higher trails, though I often wonder if it will truly be gone before the next snow arrives!  This will be my first “fall” on the mountain as in the past I have been one of those leaving early to return to the classroom.  

Yesterday’s weather brought a terrific thunderstorm to Paradise with much lightning and rain.  Many visitors were out on the trails and in danger from the lightning strikes.   With this in mind, I would like to emphasize the importance of checking the weather forecast at the information desk before you head out and keep an eye on the sky.  As the storms move in, warn visitors to turn back to the safety of the Visitor Centers or their cars and do the same with yourself.  Remain under shelter for 30 minutes following the last thunder clap.  Hiding under a tree is not safe, nor is being out in the open.  The National Weather Service says, “When Thunder Roars, Go Indoors.”  As Meadow Rovers, we are entrusted with protecting the resource, but I want you to be able to return another day.
For more information on safety in a thunderstorm, go to the National Weather Service website at .

Maureen McLean
Coordinator MORA Meadow Rovers

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